Frequently asked questions about AFJROTC 

Do I have to wear a Uniform?  

Yes. Every Cadet is required to wear the AFJROTC uniform every Wednesday of every week for the entire school day. Cadets from other schools still are required to wear the uniform every Wednesday of every week all day. 

Do I have to pay for anything? 

The textbooks, uniforms, and supplies are all provided by the US Air Force. However, any damage to these items will need to be replaced by the Cadet. 

How tough is the fitness program? 

The fitness program consists of different types of Cardio, Strength and many more different types of workouts. As long as you put 100% effort you will succeed.  

I am a Sophomore, Junior or Senior can I still join? 

Yes. All classes are blended with Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. 

Do I have to join the Military?

No. AFJROTC is designed to build better citizens. You are not obligated to join the Military. However, Cadets, that choose to they can start their military careers now. 

If your question was not answered here you can email You can also contact the instructors at

Lieutenant Colonel William Bones USAF (Ret): or 602-449-3072